As a sufferer of tennis elbow in the past I know exactly the pain and discomfort you feel if you are suffering from the same condition.  Unfortunately I developed tennis elbow in both elbows, brought on by trying to free a seized front suspension on a mountain bike.  Repetitive lifting up and banging down of the front of the bike triggered the condition on top of other activities.  My non-dominant arm was only slightly affected.

For a very long time carrying a light shopping bag brought on great discomfort.  Anything where my arms were locked straight triggered an ever increasing discomfort that made bending at the elbow an issue.  If I pumped my elbow it would gradually ease off.

However, this site isn’t about me it is about you.  It is here to provide information about tennis elbow along with possible treatments.  I will also include treatments and access to treatment plans that move away from just taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication.